meetup™ Added section on website



TEAM: Bianca Vitarello, Stanley Tatum, and myself

MY ROLE: UX & UI Design | Visual Design | Usability | User Research

The Opportunity

To add a space sharing section on Meetup™ so that organizers and hosts can effectively find each other.

PROBLEM: The existing website was very difficult to use. Our team conducted a heuristic evaluation of the site and likewise tested its usability with five testers. Through that research, it was determined that most people had no concept of what Commit to Green™ was about.


SOLUTION: Create a site that works for the users, the hosts, the business, and the brand. It is imperative to stay true to the brand and design a section that works seamlessly within the style. To address these concerns, we created the following problem statements:


Brand Goal: Meetup™’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize.


Business Goal: Meetup™ would like to create a first-class means through its website and apps to increase the ability of organizers and hosts to find one another.


User Goal: As a Meetup™ member, I want to find a space on Meetup™ to host my Meetup™, so that I can have a high-quality space and connect with new industry peers.

The design

Since it was so important to stay true to the brand of Meetup™, we thought carefully about different ideas that would go well with the style. As a team, we came up with some basic sketches so that all of our ideas would be considered. Using these hand drawn sketches, I could proceed in making the consecutive eight iterations. In order to keep this brief, I have only chosen to address the general changes that occurred between the earlier and later iterations.

FIRST ITERATIONS: To keep with the brand, I decided to take an in depth look at how the site was constructed. In so doing, I discovered the fonts (Lato, Helvetica) and took a look at how the site would seem in black and white for the mock up. From there, I thought of different ways to seamlessly mix the new section with the homepage. In creating the new section, we tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible.


The most evident part was to keep the existing footer, header, and logos/icons. However, I did add one more option to the navigational bar. Here's the original with our suggestion (slightly enlarged):

LATER ITERATIONS: Through testing, we realized that some of our design choices were unclear. Users were often confused by the shades of grey, or could not find buttons as easily as we had hoped. We therefore inverted some of the greyscale choices and reorganized some of the amenities. We also noted that some people were interested in revisiting and seeing what spaces they had "booked" both during this test, and in the "past" and added an option for them.

The Testing

We tested each of the 8 iterations with at least 3-5 people to see how things went. We presented each of our users with the following task to see if they could accomplish it. Once we saw that 3-5 people could accomplish the task, we knew that our site was clear.

next steps


  • Add more photo option views on "Book It" page

  • Add map filters for the ease of the user

  • Develop the hosting side to show how to add the spaces and accept, or deny, bookings

  • Build out responsive tablet and mobile views