Fishs eddy™ website Redesign & ecommerce



TEAM: Myself

MY ROLE: UX & UI Design | Visual Design | Analysis | Market Research | Usability | User Research

The Opportunity

To build an e-commerce for an existing New York based store. I had to take into consideration the brand, the retailer’s goals (to have a streamlined shopping experience) and also address the needs of a provided persona.

PROBLEM: Dexter is a technologically savvy, young New Yorker who enjoys shopping at Fishs Eddy™ and wants to send gifts to his family; however, he finds the website difficult to use and wants an easy, quick purchasing experience.


SOLUTION: Take the existing style of Fishs Eddy™ and redo the site with an easy navigation system that allows the user to access the products from different sections.

The design


FIRST ITERATION: I wanted to create a simple site that highlighted the designs of the items. As a result, I chose to follow a grid based design that had to distract from the designs of the store.


FINAL ITERATION: A higher fidelity mock up was created to help prevent confusion in testing. Through testing, I aimed to see if people could follow a simple task of purchasing two 212 Skyline Dishtowels. Although most understood the basic need for the task, it also unveiled a few more opportunities to improve the prototype. This included making clearer divisions in the navigation bar to separate each category. Through this entire process, I tried to keep true to the Fishs Eddy™ style and over all feel. When tested, this task was achieved with ease.

The Testing

In total, I tested with over 10 users. These tests were all done in person and recorded to understand how everyone got to their conclusions.

The Research


I started off by interviewing five different real-life users of Fishs Eddy™ and assessing their own wants and needs. All stated that they have never bought at and that they find the existing site overwhelming. Like Dexter, they all wanted to find an easy shopping experience.


Through them and extensive research in store and online, I discovered that the three main competitors were Crate&Barrel, Anthropologie, and Whisk. I then took time to see their websites and assess what makes them more user friendly. All of these insights helped to inform my design recommendations.


All of these results helped me to create the following storyboard to better understand the user's needs for shopping online at Fishs Eddy™.

next steps


  • Work on how the site would look as mobil responsive or assess if a native app would be needed.

  • Finesse and offer faster shipping options.