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  Commit to green™ Redesign


Client project, done with Iren Guararye and Stanley Tatum

MY ROLE: UX & UI Design|Visual Design|User Research|Usability

The Opportunity

To redesign Commit to Green™ to be a fluid, easy, website through which to purchase high quality, compostable bags. We also wanted to add an efficient method to educate the public on how to compost and where related community events are happening in New York City.

PROBLEM: The existing website was very difficult to use. Our team conducted a heuristic evaluation of the site and likewise tested its usability with five testers. Through that research, it was determined that most people had no concept of what Commit to Green™ was about.


SOLUTION: Through a thorough research involving competitive and comparative analysis, market analysis, and user surveys and interviews, we determined that most users were unaware that they could compost, had no idea where to purchase bags, and wanted to become more involved. They wanted a one-stop website that would be simple to gather this information. These results informed our general designs for the future iterations.



The design

In order to get to our final iteration, we did three design iterations with the last one being adapted as needed. Each step of the way, we tested with users to make sure that our layout made sense. In the end, I aimed at creating a site that drew attention to the beauty of the bags. Likewise, I wanted to keep the site as simple and easy to maneuver as possible.


FIRST ITERATION: We took this as an opportunity to redesign the site and incorporate sections that would be better divisions for the website. Although users found this version to be easy to navigate, it was nonetheless visually unappealing.
















SECOND ITERATION: In this iteration, I wanted to stay loyal to the brand's tones and colors by utilizing their font, Frente, and general color scheme. I took the copy that was supplied and edited it down, purely as a suggestion. My idea going into it was to keep very simple button images. These buttons could then not just showcase the beauty of the bags, but likewise work as a call to action.

















THIRD ITERATION: Although the previous iteration tested well, we realized that the design of the bags are so beautiful and unique that we wanted to bring more attention to the design of the bags themselves. In this iteration, I made the homepage as simple as possible with large, rotating images of some of her more recent bags.

The Testing

In total, we tested with over twenty users. These tests were all done in person and recorded for the benefit of the team and the client. I logged each user in an excel file to keep track of each test, their feedback, and their video link. Here's an example of a user test below.

The Research


As a team we conducted a survey on whether or not people compost that rendered over 40 results. I interviewed well over 20 of those individuals to get an idea of what drives people to compost and what makes them not take part. From this information, I created four personas to help understand who is our target audience and what their needs are that we can assess. Here's an example:

next steps


  • Help Commit to Green™ with any design recommendations as they expand into other markets or regions

  • Expand the site to include a forum and blog to keep users more involved

  • Create a "My Account" section to add profile settings, set up subscription purchases, and allow for aforesaid forum interaction

Additional deliverables


Some additional deliverables to show the general scope of the project and my contributions within it.

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